Difference in Renting Home to Multiple Tenants vs Renting to a Family

Homeowners who want to purchase a new home and rent their current home have a few options to consider. Since they have a few bedrooms, they can decide if they want to rent the home to one family as single tenant or if they’d like to split the home into different rooms and rent to a few different tenants

How the Remaining Years of a Property Can Affect Its Property Valuation

The related issues of property valuation and residential tenure have recently been thrust into the international spotlight by the upcoming land lease expiry of the terraced houses in Geylang Lorong 3. This case is the first example of residential land being reclaimed by the government as a result of land lease expiry in Singapore, so it has led to a lot of people talking.

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Buying a Private Building Under Construction (BUC)

It is undeniable that attempting to purchase property in the form of a private home or commercial building that is currently under construction is a little bit more complex of a process than purchasing a building that has already been built. For one thing, residential homeowners will find that they’ll have to wait as long as a few years for their homes to be completed.

Investing in Birmingham, the UK’s Second Largest City

Developers, reporters, and real estate experts from all over the world are citing Birmingham as one of the world’s best places to live. It is one of the UK’s best investment opportunities. Other European countries are paying attention as well. Birmingham is entering a bit of a renaissance. New development areas being bought up by global investors, students, and nearby buyers looking for investment prospects outside of London.

Sports-Led Destinations and the Property Market

The London 2012 Olympics proved that sports-led regeneration can have a dramatic impact on an area’s property market. In addition, this elevates the international status dramatically. The event did not just draw in visitors to the city on a one-time basis. Instead, it inspired businesses to flock to the area. This spurred the regeneration of […]

Regeneration to See Birmingham Rival London by 2026

Birmingham is currently experiencing an impressive revitalization, developing swiftly into one of the country’s cultural and business hotspots. The city has upcoming plans to install a high-speed railway network. As such, the next ten years should show even more remarkable growth for the city. That is good news for foreign investors who are taking advantage […]

Westgate House Preview Event

A new landmark for luxury living in West London, Galliard Home’s Westgate House has proved one of their most successful developments in the past 12 months – with 50% of the development selling globally in the first two weeks of launching.

Avril Lee joins One Global Property Services

We are proud to announce that Avril Lee has joined One Global. Her exceptional experience of both the Singapore and International property markets and superb reputation will be key assets in our growth plans

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