Difference in Renting Home to Multiple Tenants vs Renting to a Family

Homeowners who want to purchase a new home and rent their current home have a few options to consider. Since they have a few bedrooms, they can decide if they want to rent the home to one family as single tenant or if they’d like to split the home into different rooms and rent to a few different tenants. Both of these can have their advantages and disadvantages for anyone who is considering renting home to others.

Benefits of Renting to Multiple People

Since there are multiple people paying rent, the amount of the rent is split between everyone. This means each person can pay less and means it’s typically more affordable for them. Also, when a homeowner is renting to multiple tenants, they can often collect a higher amount even though everyone is paying a share of the rent. This could make it easier for the homeowner to make a little bit more money.

Since a tenant only has their room to worry about, it’s easy for one tenant to leave and another one to move in. There may always be at least a few tenants in the home and paying rent.

Disadvantages of Renting to Multiple People

Since there are multiple people in the home on their own lease, the homeowner will need to collect rent from each one. This makes it a little more complicated for the homeowner to track who paid rent and when. They will need to make sure they track the rent carefully.

The homeowner may also need to mediate any arguments between tenants. This is often because the tenants do not know each other well and need to get used to living together. They will also need to advertise for new tenants more frequently, whether a tenant moves out because they are ready to move somewhere else or because they cannot live with their roommates without issues.

Benefits of Renting to One Family

When a homeowner is renting to a family, they can expect the family to rent the home for at least a few years. This means there’s a much lower turnover rate or lower times without tenants.

Families that rent a home often have their own furniture, which means the homeowner doesn’t need to make sure the home is furnished. In addition, only one rent payment is collected each month, so the homeowner will have an easier time keeping track of the rent. Many homeowners will find it’s going to be easier to rent to one family.

Disadvantages of Renting to One Family

If the family moves out, there are no tenants in the home paying rent until the homeowner is able to find a new tenant to move in. Families also tend to be more demanding that everything is fixed and working properly since they plan on spending a lot more time in the home.

If you’re considering renting home that you do not currently live in, you need to decide whether you want to rent to a single family or multiple tenants. It’s a good idea to think carefully about these options before you decide. Speaking with a specialist can also help you get more information to find out which option is right for you.

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